LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day

Friday 28 May 2021 – #SeenAndBelieved

Dolly Diamond was honoured recently to accept the invitation as Ambassador for the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation.

Dolly want’s everyone to help in whatever way they can, support this important work.

As Ambassador Dolly joins , Dustin Lance Black, Academy Award® winning filmmaker, writer and social activist,  Ali Brigginshaw, Captain of the Australian Jillaroos ​and Brisbane Broncos, multi-award winning journalist, Steve Pennells, and Australian Actor and LGBTQ ally, Ryan Johnson in supporting the Foundation.

How you can get involved.

Make sure you tag #SeenAndBelieved and @LGBTQ.DVAFoundation

The right to live a life free from violence and abuse is a person’s most basic human right, but for many LGBTQ people, this is not a reality. One in two LGBTQ people will experience domestic, family, and intimate partner violence and abuse (DV) in their lifetime, yet victims remain largely invisible with incredibly low levels of reporting.

The LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day aims to:

  • Shine a light on the prevalence of DV in LGBTQ communities and make the invisible victims, visible
  • Let LGBTQ victims and survivors know they are #SeenAndBelieved and there are people out there who will support them
  • Advocate for and support the empowerment of LGBTQ victims and survivors of DV
  • Recognise LGBTQ survivors and give hope and courage to those currently experiencing DV

Thank you for joining us to help raise awareness of this insidious issue across the globe and ensuring all victims and survivors are #SeenAndBelieved.

28 May 2021



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